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Asset and Energy Management

Maximise your asset value thanks to Energy Management

Asset and Energy Management

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Energy Management involves monitoring and optimising the use of energy to meet energy demands while reducing waste and maximising energy efficiency.
Energy Management is a multitude of tasks that reduce the energy consumption and the energy cost of a factory, a building or a pool of entities. The Energy Management System (EnMS) you will define may include energy managers who will have responsibilities that are defined in the ISO 50001 standard.

A well-designed Energy Management System can help to reduce energy waste by ensuring that energy is used only when and where it is needed. This can be achieved by controlling the use of energy-intensive equipment, such as air conditioning systems, and by optimising the use of renewable energy sources to meet energy demands.

By implementing an effective Energy Management System, organisations can reduce their carbon footprint, reduce energy costs, and contribute to a more sustainable energy future. An Energy Management system is an essential component of a successful renewable energy strategy and is critical to the long-term success and growth of the renewable energy sector.

The power of Energy Management System (EnMS) and an Energy Management Software (EMS)

Energy Management offers numerous benefits for organisations, including reducing energy consumption for significant cost savings. The implementation of an Energy Management System requires the setup of an Energy Management Software and Energy Managers to allow real-time monitoring and control of energy usage, leading to increased energy efficiency and waste reduction.

Embracing an Energy Management System also contributes to improve sustainability and forms an integral part of an ESG strategy, as it reduces energy waste and promotes the adoption of renewable energy sources, fostering a more environmentally responsible approach. Detailed data analysis and reporting done by energy managers through Energy Management Software enable organisations to identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions to reduce energy costs.

Moreover, an Energy Management Software provides comprehensive visibility and control over energy usage in real time. Energy managers ensure compliance with energy regulations and standards and can seamlessly act with other Building Management Systems (BMS), such as HVAC, for a more holistic approach.

Additionally, Energy Management delivers a quick return on investment through reduced energy costs and enhanced energy efficiency, making it a valuable and financially beneficial investment for organisations.

Our optimal O&M services

Energy assets such as PV plants, and equipment implemented must be maintained and operated be to be effective.

At Helexia, we offer comprehensive Operations and Maintenance (O&M) services tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. O&M stands for “Operation and Maintenance,” and we provide these services for projects developed by Helexia. Our expert team handles a wide range of tasks ensuring seamless operations and optimal performance of assets. Our O&M services cover a diverse array of projects, including photovoltaic (PV) systems, electric vehicle charging (EVC) systems, and cooling system systems.

With our professional O&M services, clients can enjoy enhanced asset reliability, reduced downtime, and improved energy efficiency, contributing to their long-term success in the energy transition landscape.



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