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Energy optimisation

Energy efficiency solutions for a greener future

Energy optimisation

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The Cheapest energy is the one you don’t consume. Energy optimisation lies at the core of our services. We take a strategic approach to maximise energy efficiency and minimise waste for our clients.

Through a meticulous assessment of energy consumption patterns and facility operations, we identify areas for improvement and implement tailored solutions to optimise energy usage. Our team of experts deploys advanced technologies and industry best practices to streamline processes, upgrade systems, and integrate renewable energy sources, resulting in reduced energy costs and enhanced sustainability. Embracing energy optimisation positions our clients as leaders in the energy transition landscape, driving significant savings and operational performance enhancement.

Cooling Systems

Helexia supports its customers in the energy optimisation of their cooling systems to improve their reliability, reduce the Total Cost of Ownership and the environmental impact.

We can offer a 360° engineering services covering the identification of opportunities, the definition of a strategy, the deployment and financing of projects, the monitoring, operation and maintenance of the assets.


Air conditioning, ventilation, and heating systems are crucial in commercial and industrial buildings, consuming significant energy and are key component in an energy efficiency strategy. Our HVAC services encompass technical visits to analyse HVAC equipment, conduct HVAC audits to identify potential energy savings, and create action plans for implementation. We also provide supervision and monitoring of HVAC equipment via a single system for complete energy optimization.

Helexia can finance and guarantee the results of projects through EnPC contracts.


Relamping involves replacing existing lighting systems with energy-efficient LED technology. With up to 40% of energy bills being attributed to lighting, our relamping services are central in an energy efficiency programme as they offer immense energy savings.

We conduct inventories of lighting systems, relamping audits to identify untapped energy-saving opportunities, and action plans for implementation. Additionally, we provide real-time control of the lighting system through the installation of a Building Management System (BMS).


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