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Bomporto Hotels embody the essence of boutique hospitality, offering guests a charming and welcoming experience that feels like home. Whether it’s Lumiares, Vintage, or Rebello, each of these hotels is nestled in a stunning old building that has been thoughtfully updated with modern flair while preserving its heritage.

Service Description

To stay competitive and mitigate the effects of rising energy costs and market volatility, Bomporto sought to enhance its energy efficiency and reduce operating expenses.

By partnering with Helexia, the company implemented an energy management program in two of its hotel units, combining cost savings with a reduced environmental impact.

“Energy represents 5% of the cost structure of a hotel. By having a sustainable energy management plan, we can reduce our consumption, but also our carbon footprint and therefore we are able to offer our customers more in services through these savings. Moreover, a large part of our customers do regard Sustainable practices”

Nicolas Rouco,
General Manager Bomporto Hotels

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