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What does it mean to work at Helexia?

At Helexia you will join a team of authentic people where you are empowered to take active ownership to have an impact when building excellence in energy transition solutions that drive sustainability.

Our agile team and growing company give global internal mobility opportunities.

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With over 400 employees in 10 countries and with
Voltalia, as its main shareholder, Helexia is a major
player in the global energy transition market.

Your motto

  • Helexia does not shy away from finding and bringing together fascinating personalities who break down boundaries to open up new perspectives.
  • Helexians work in high value-added expertise for their clients. Whether they are auditors, project managers, business managers, lawyers, accountants, HR, or managers, they all get involved with authenticity.
  • We recruit know-how, but interpersonal skills are just as important.
  • Simplicity and benevolence are part of our daily routine.
  • A candidate who applies to Helexia must be able to work autonomously and have a sense of responsibility.
  • Be agile because at Helexia, everything moves very quickly!

“By empowering our planet and our people with clean energy, we illuminate a brighter future. Join us in shaping a sustainable tomorrow, where innovation, passion, and purpose converge to light the path towards a greener world.”

Benjamin Simonis, CEO of Helexia

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