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Strategic support

Strategic support for a sustainable future

Strategic support

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At Helexia, we offer strategic support services tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our energy consulting services can advise you on your organisation and your strategy investment based on the material provided. We can also recommend energy consulting thanks to an operational approach. Our comprehensive range of services includes energy audits, ISO 50001 certification, and more, aimed at guiding businesses towards a sustainable and efficient energy future.

Through energy audits, we conduct in-depth assessments of our clients’ energy consumption patterns, identifying opportunities for energy optimisation and cost reduction. Additionally, our ISO 50001 certification strategic support helps clients establish and implement effective energy management systems. Our energy consulting enables our clients to gain the tools and knowledge to navigate the energy transition successfully and embrace a greener, more sustainable future.

Energy audits

An energy audit is an analysis of energy flows for energy conservation in a building. An energy audit is the first step in energy consulting, identifying opportunities to reduce energy expenses and carbon footprint.

Whether you operate a commercial, industrial, or tertiary building, single or multi-site, implementing energy-saving actions is a priority to gain competitiveness in your market.

ISO 50001 certification

The ISO 50001 certification is an international voluntary norm that aims to build and establish a systematic energy management system in order to prioritise energy performance.

It takes into consideration the knowledge of the context of the activities, the identification of the interested parties, and the risks and opportunities: all of this leads to an analysis to establish the framework of an Energy Management System (EnMS).

In addition to the fact that a continuous energy efficiency improvement system has been put in place, the standard allows the company to enhance its brand image and to be exempt from regulatory audits.

Energy master plan

An Energy master plan is a long-term strategic and execution plan to manage the Energy Demand of a pool of assets (buildings, factories, etc.). Different scenarios are evaluated with a complete calculation of the multi annual investment plans required, economic and environmental benefits, planification, and delays.

Carbon footprint

A carbon footprint report refers to the measurement of the total greenhouse gas emissions produced by an entity. A carbon footprint, or carbon footprint report, is measured in tonne CO2 equivalent (CO2 eq). The carbon footprint is the first step in developing a carbon management approach and is fully integrated into an ESG strategy for a company.


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