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ISO 50001

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Créchy, France

Company Description

Vicat is a French business that was established around 170 years ago. The Group, which is now active in 12 nations, is creating a high-performance selection of building products and services with mineral and biological sources to satisfy the demands of the construction sector.

Service Description

The Vicat Créchy site is in the process of achieving ISO 50001 certification and enlisted Helexia to conduct an internal audit. Helexia is committed to providing the most effective solution to help secure this certification, offering comprehensive ISO 50001 support.

The primary objective of this service is to ensure that Vicat Créchy’s planned Energy Management System (EnMS) aligns with ISO 50001 standards. This entails modifying the existing EnMS while accommodating the company’s industrial requirements and adhering to ISO 50001 guidelines.

Ultimately, Helexia performed an internal audit to pinpoint any existing non-conformities and propose actionable measures to transform these non-conformities into hot spots. These identified hot spots will serve as areas for improvement at the Vicat Créchy site.


“Helexia supported us in our ISO 50001 certification project. Helexia’s methodical and technical approach enabled us to achieve smooth certification, and to identify areas for improvement in the energy performance of our Créchy industrial site”

Head of Management Systems and Enhancements

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