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Our subsidiaries

Helexia Agri, a subsidiary of Helexia France since 2022, is a leading company specialising in the installation of agricultural photovoltaic hangars since 2006.

At Helexia Agri, they take pride in their diverse and dedicated team, where every member contributes their skills and expertise, regardless of their profession or status. Together, they work hand in hand with farmers, forging strong partnerships and providing tailored solutions.
Through the installation of photovoltaic hangars, we enable farmers to store more production and provide shelter for livestock while optimising land use.

By combining their expertise, experience, and passion, they strive to create a sustainable and prosperous future for both farmers and the environment.


Installed power plants


MW installed


Years of experience

As of 30th June 2023

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Ewen, a subsidiary of Helexia Portugal since 2022, is an Energy Service Company, founded in 2004 with the strong conviction that business organisations can make more conscious use of energy, reducing costs and with less impact on the planet.

Ewen is a reference in energy efficiency and energy management and is particularly focused on the industrial sector (including large buildings). With high technical competence, works side-by-side with customers helping and supporting them in the implementation of their strategic roadmap for decarbonisation and carbon neutrality.

Among their diverse range of services are Integrated Decarbonisation Plans, Thermal Insulation Solutions, Energy Management and Monitoring, Engineering for Energy Efficiency, and Audits and Certifications.

With Ewen, businesses can confidently pave the way towards sustainable practices and a greener future.


FTE monitored through e+monitor per year


TOE* clean energy savings provided

62 M€

Savings generated

As of 30th June 2023

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*ton of oil equivalent

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