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How can you finance your energy projects?


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We help you finance the energy transition and your ESG strategy implementation.

In order for your company to focus on your core business, Helexia takes care of the project from start to finish. We are responsible for the entire energy production or energy optimization project implementation, and we guarantee you results. We work closely with energy experts and the best material (only Tier-1) in order to create a project that will last in the long term. And we can also take care of energy project financing and investment for organizations.

Helexia is responsible for complete project realisation: Engineering / Procurement / Construction (EPC), Energy Finance Project of the project, and Operation & Maintenance during the whole length of the contract. This means that Helexia is the project developer and then owner, helping financing you energy transition while you can focus on your main activity.

Our approach financing the energy transition

Helexia is a strong financial partner who can finance your energy project (photovoltaic and energy efficiency). In this way, we guarantee optimal comfort and security. We provide you with detailed business plans with all the information about the project financing and discounts you will benefit from.

This solution consists in involving a company that will carry the third party investment, meaning Helexia. Helexia then becomes a long-term partner of the company wishing to carry out a photovoltaic project on the rooftop or carport.

Helexia is a strong financial partner who can finance your photovoltaic installation through third party investment scheme. In this way, you only pay for the energy produced by the power plant and benefit competitive and green electricity from your rooftop or carport.

A Third Party Investment project allow you to keep your investment capacity for your primary activities. Moreover, your company avoid all the risks related to project execution and the Operation and Maintenance of your assets.

Energy Performance Contract

Helexia offers a solution to guarantee energy savings for your company through our Energy Performance Contract (EnPC). Our experts calculate the potential savings you will do thanks to the renewal or retrofit of equipment. We then monitor the performance of your new equipment, accurately tracking energy consumption and comparing actual savings with what was predicted in the Energy Performance Contract.

Energy Performance Contract is a solution for energy project financing and obtain a guarantee on the savings. We finance and develop your project and the savings are share with you, so that you benefit energy savings directly with no investment on your own.

For us, Energy Performance Contract is the opportunity to become your long-term partner, offering you a solution with no risk to deploy your energy transition roadmap. Energy Performance Contract can cover many projects of energy efficiency: renewal of equipment, refurbishment, improved automation, etc.


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