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About us

Building together sustainable solutions,

delivering the energy transition

What We Do

Helexia offers 360° engineering expertise, business analysis and financing possibilities to accelerate its clients’ energy transitions while adding value to their business. Helexia’s approach is best explained through four categories of services: Plan, Build, Run and Finance with these resting on the two main pillars of energy production and energy optimisation.

Helexia bases its offering on a detailed understanding of the customer’s needs and provides a partnered approach for maximum efficiency starting at any point in the process.

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Today’s ecological and economic challenges are extreme, overwhelming, and in need of urgent action. But no one person, sector, or government can take on the challenges that they pose – it is only through collective global action that we will find the necessary solutions.

By building ingenious sustainable solutions, that make ecological and economic sense while realising the energy transition, Helexia contributes to this collective global action, together with its clients and its people.

Our Purpose

Building together sustainable solutions, delivering the energy transition

Our Values

Our core values form the basis of who we are.
They guide our interactions with people, our colleagues, our customers, our partners and with citizens in society as a whole.

We believe in the power of human ingenuity to enable ecological and economic sustainability.

We have a positive influence on our planet, society, communities, businesses, and on our colleagues.
We are impactful through small and consistent actions.

We are honest in our work and in our relationships.
We are collaborative and benevolent, building lasting trust with our customers and our colleagues.

We are entrusted to be our best selves at work, where we are called to experiment and express our talents.
We empower people and enable others to do the same.

We excel at delivering ingenious solutions to the ecological challenges of our time.
We give our all to deliver on our promises – to our colleagues, to our local and international customers and to all our stakeholders.

MW installed
GWh produced
Solar projects in operation
TCO2 avoided

As of 31st December 2023

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At Helexia, as a contribution to resist the global warming that is threatening the entire humanity, we firmly promote the energetic transition of organisations and businesses. We develop with –and for– our clients and partners, technical and financial projects and solutions that contribute to the acceleration of this transition, and that foster economic, social and environmental durability.

Benjamin Simonis

CEO & Co-Founder, Helexia Group

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