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Solar self-consumption projects implemented by Helexia generate 19GWh of clean energy for Corticeira Amorim

Helexia, an international player in the renewable energy sector specialising in the development and implementation of decarbonisation projects, partnered with Corticeira Amorim to develop self-consumption projects, resulting in the installation of 25,446 solar panels across six of its industrial units in Portugal. 

This initiative results in a total installed capacity of 14.5 MWp, which will allow for the annual production of 19 GWh of clean energy. This volume of clean energy will annually prevent the emission of 9,000 tonnes of CO2, equivalent to planting 229,000 trees or providing energy to 3,801 homes. You can watch the project video here – “Foi Amorim à primeira vista”.

In addition to the installation of the solar panels, Helexia Portugal will be responsible for monitoring and maintaining the plants, ensuring maximum efficiency in a safe and profitable manner, and optimising the production of electricity from solar energy.

The Amorim Group’s commitment to decarbonising its operations includes Ewen, a company within the Helexia Group, which has been collaborating with Corticeira Amorim for 18 years, offering consulting, efficiency, and energy monitoring services through the implementation of a control platform and energy management services. Over the course of this partnership, more than 360 energy efficiency and decarbonisation projects have been executed, resulting in annual savings of over 4 million euros and avoiding the emission of over 15,000 tons of CO2 per year.

The projects developed between Helexia and Ewen for Corticeira Amorim represent a holistic vision of energy production and management, integrating green energy and energy efficiency into the production processes. Thus, they operationally support the implementation of an ambitious and transformative decarbonisation roadmap, aiming not only to mitigate environmental impacts and operational costs but also to inspire other companies to follow Corticeira Amorim’s path of responsibility and commitment to the environment.

In 2023, Corticeira Amorim recorded a 9.1% reduction in energy consumption, increased the use of controlled renewable energy to 68.3%, and reduced CO2eq emissions by 8.8%. According to António Rios de Amorim, “these numbers clearly demonstrate our commitment to leading by example and encouraging other companies to adopt more sustainable practices for the good of our planet.”

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