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Leroy Merlin Portugal

End-to-end transition

2.8 MW

was installed in 9 sites

9.3 GWh

of clean energy is produced


tonnes of CO2 are avoided

Project details


Leroy Merlin


2017 – Present



Company Description

Leroy Merlin is a renowned company that specialises in providing products and services related to DIY, construction, decoration, and garden. With more than 50 stores and 5800 employees in Portugal, it strives to offer innovative solutions to improve its customers’ habitat while generating sustainable value.
As part of its commitment to creating a positive impact on people, society, and the economy, Leroy Merlin has integrated sustainable practices into its business operations. Together with Leroy Merlin, several projects were developed, with the objective of making great strides in decarbonising its operation including photovoltaic projects, electric mobility, energy optimisation, certifications and energy audits

Solar Self-consumption Projects

Currently, Leroy Merlin has implemented solar self-consumption systems in 9 of its stores, including Loulé, Portimão, Aveiro, Carnaxide, Setúbal, Leiria, Matosinhos, Funchal, and Alta de Lisboa. Additionally, there are ongoing installations at 2 more stores in Sintra and Albufeira, which will result in a total installed capacity of 3.5 MW, with a combined capacity of 750 kW.

Electric Mobility Projects

Leroy Merlin has taken steps to support electric mobility with the installation of a normal dual charger at their Setubal store, enabling the simultaneous charging of two electric cars. The company plans to introduce charging facilities at future locations including Aveiro, Leiria, Matosinhos, Sintra, Albufeira, and Funchal, incorporating 6 normal dual chargers and 7 fast chargers. In total, 7 normal chargers and 7 fast chargers will be available, allowing up to 21 electric cars to charge simultaneously.

Energy Efficiency Projects

The company has made significant strides in energy efficiency by relighting three stores in Coimbra, Maia, and Matosinhos. These efforts resulted in a 36% reduction in energy consumption and maintenance costs for lighting equipment. Additionally, Leroy Merlin has conducted several energy audits to identify measures to optimize energy consumption. The company has compiled a catalogue of energy-saving measures, including practical solutions such as improved coating materials, thermal insulation, equipment choices, and employee best practices for day-to-day operations and maintenance of stores.

Breeam Certification

Leroy Merlin has pursued Breeam Certification, an internationally recognized evaluation system that assesses the environmental sustainability of buildings. Although not mandatory, the certification aligns with the company’s commitment to reputation, social responsibility, and operational efficiency. Currently, Leroy Merlin is in the process of obtaining Breeam Certification for 5 stores, namely Leiria, Albufeira, Aveiro, Funchal, and Loulé.

Energy Clustering & Benchmarks Study

To better understand and enhance energy performance, Leroy Merlin has organized its stores into clusters based on climate zones and typology. By creating benchmarks, the company can identify best practices and processes to improve store performance. This tool not only helps answer critical questions about where to act but also supports the evaluation of potential improvement areas, the implementation of cross-cutting programs, and the development of more sustainable stores during the design and refurbishment phases.

Sustainability Report

Leroy Merlin’s commitment to sustainability is well-documented in the brand’s Sustainability Report, where all initiatives and efforts towards environmental responsibility are comprehensively detailed. As a brand dedicated to creating a “Positive Habitat,” Leroy Merlin considers sustainability a strategic objective, and the Sustainability Report serves as a comprehensive account of their actions in this regard.

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