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Auchan – Sintra

EV charging stations

Project details






Sintra, Portugal

Company Description

Auchan is a multinational retail company known for its chain of hypermarkets and supermarkets and while the trend towards Electric Mobility is on the rise, Auchan is keeping pace by providing three additional charging points at their Sintra store.

Service Description

At Helexia Portugal and Auchan Retail, we’re committed to contributing to a more sustainable economic development model, which is why we’re expanding electric mobility infrastructure in Auchan spaces.

These charging stations include one fast charging station (50 kW) and two double normal charging stations (22kW).

With a total of eight Auchan stores now offering charging services throughout the country, customers can charge their electric vehicles with ease while shopping.

“Helexia has emerged as a privileged partner that solves one of the big challenges for us, to have self-consumption and allows us to have a more sustainable building.”

Clara Costa,
Brand and Transformation Director Auchan Retail

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