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Thermal Products

ISO 50001

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Thermal Products





Company Description

Thermal Products, a subsidiary of the Dana Group, specialises in the development of automotive parts and is renowned for being a leader in manufacturing heat exchangers for the automotive industry.

Service Description

Helexia’s expert team conducted a thorough preliminary energy audit for Thermal Products to support their ISO 50001 certification. This audit provided a real picture of the site’s energy profile, including a reference energy review required for the certification process.

The audit followed Helexia’s industrial energy audit pattern, consisting of four major stages: framing and documentary analysis, technical visit by our energy experts, modelling of consumption and energy balance, and finally restitution and presentation of the action plan.

After the audit, Helexia proposed energy efficiency improvements and helped Thermal Products draw up their energy review, ultimately leading to their successful ISO 50001 certification.

“The ISO 50001 accompaniment of Helexia allowed Thermal Products to obtain the ISO 50001 certification very quickly. Indeed, with an approach combining dynamism, pedagogy and technique, Helexia allowed the certification of our site in all serenity”

Sophie Rondio,
EHS Manager

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