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Helexia supports Auchan Retail Senegal in the installation of self-consumption photovoltaic power plants

Helexia, an international player in energy transition, has announced the construction of 10 photovoltaic power plants representing a portfolio of 1.6 megawatts for Auchan Retail Senegal.

Helexia is offering its expertise to Auchan Retail Senegal for the development, construction and commissioning of solar power plants installed on the roofs of its shops. This self-consumption project involves 10 sites across Senegal.

The power plants will generate 2,600 megawatt-hours, covering the annual electricity consumption of 7,800 people – around half the consumption of a Senegalese town like Ouakam. It will prevent the emission of more than 1,750 tonnes of CO2 per year, representing the equivalent of 1,250 round trips between Paris and Dakar by plane.

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