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Helexia expands its international presence by implementing in Poland and secures a portfolio of 24.8 MW with Auchan Retail

Helexia, an international player in the energy transition for businesses and a subsidiary of Voltalia (Euronext Paris, ISIN code: FR0011995588), announces its expansion into Poland, marking a significant stride in the company’s commitment to advancing the global energy transition. Strengthening its presence with a dedicated team, Helexia is delighted to unveil the signing of 22 photovoltaic projects with Auchan Retail Poland, totalling to 24.8 MW.

Today, the energy mix in Poland is composed of 63% coal and 27% from renewable sources, underscoring the need for a sustainable transition towards cleaner and more environmentally friendly alternatives.

In alignment with Auchan Retail’s sustainability goals, Helexia will carry out the installation of solar rooftops and carports across 22 stores of Auchan Retail Poland, amounting to 24.8 MW. These projects, set to start construction in spring 2024, exemplify Helexia’s dedication to providing clean and renewable energy solutions for its clients throughout the world.

The initiative is set to generate 23.5 GWh annually, covering 25% of the stores’ total consumption and preventing approximately 15,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year. This strategic partnership underscores Helexia’s commitment to fostering sustainable practices and contributes significantly to Auchan Retail’s 2030 targets.

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