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Photovoltaic Carport

354 kW

was installed

500 MWh

of clean energy is produced


tonnes of CO2 are avoided

Project details






Baltar, Portugal

Company Description

Vygon, a renowned French company specialising in single-use medical devices, has been a trusted partner in healthcare for over two decades. Operating in 25 countries, Vygon’s commitment to healthcare professionals has extended to Portugal since 1994. They play a crucial role in supplying essential medical and surgical supplies across a broad spectrum of medical fields, ranging from paediatrics to oncology, and from nutrition to surgery.

Service Description

In close partnership with Helexia, Vygon embarked on an exciting project that exemplifies their commitment to sustainable energy solutions. This collaborative initiative focused on implementing solar self-consumption and electric vehicle charging for Vygon’s corporate fleet. The cornerstone of this project is our innovative Solar Carport. This cutting-edge solution harnesses renewable energy to power Vygon’s facility while efficiently charging their electric vehicles. The Solar Carport not only shields vehicles from adverse weather conditions but also symbolises a significant step towards a greener future.

Helexia is proud to be part of Vygon’s sustainability journey. Our partnership demonstrates our unwavering dedication to delivering innovative, sustainable energy solutions that empower businesses to thrive while minimizing their environmental impact.

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