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Photovoltaic carport & ground-mounted

1 MW

of renewable energy was installed

1.5 GWh

of clean energy is produced


tons of CO2 is avoided

Project details







Company Description

Discover Tupperware Portugal, the group’s pioneering clean energy factory! With 41 years of existence, 350 employees, and a history of success, this factory boasts the highest production volume in Europe. But that’s not all. Tupperware Portugal is leading the way in clean energy production, setting an example for factories around the globe.

Service Description

To help Tupperware on its sustainable path, a photovoltaic plant producing 1553 MWh of clean, renewable energy annually has been installed by Helexia. This represents about 15% of the plant’s total annual electricity consumption, avoiding the emission of 730 tons of CO2 per year.

Not only is this project a success story to be copied for other units in different countries, but it’s also a perfect example of Tupperware’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact.

By installing a photovoltaic solar power plant, they’re producing clean energy for self-consumption and improving their carbon footprint. The plant is split between a solar parking carport and the ground, on the land adjacent to the Tupperware factory.

“This project is a very important step in our sustainability message bringing an excellent benefit to Tupperware Portugal, because we will enjoy a clean energy that corresponds to about 15% of our total annual electricity consumption”

Patrícia Martins,
Plant General Manager Tupperware Portugal

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