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Costa Verde

Photovoltaic rooftop

1 MW

of renewable energy was installed

7.6 GWh

of clean energy is produced


tons of CO2 is avoided

Project details


Costa Verde





Company Description

Porcelanas Costa Verde’s factory, located in Zona Industrial de Vagos, Aveiro, has been creating exquisite porcelain since 1992. Using a two-stage firing process at high temperatures, their porcelain products are known for their elegance, durability, impermeability, and low porosity.

Service Description

In collaboration with Helexia, Costa Verde has made a commitment to sustainable energy by investing in a photovoltaic plant. Costa Verde has taken a bold step towards sustainability by installing 3600 solar panels, which provide 25% of the factory’s energy needs.

This move has a twofold benefit – not only does it avoid the annual emission of 713 tons of CO2, equivalent to planting 18300 trees per year, but it also replaces a roof made of asbestos cement, which is harmful to human health, with a clean energy source.

All of this was made possible through a partnership with Helexia, whose innovative business model allowed Costa Verde to become more energy efficient without any upfront investment. Join us in celebrating this “two-in-one” project that’s helping to create a brighter, cleaner future for all.

“Helexia is a responsible and efficient partner. An experienced and functional partner. A competitive partner with one of the best market conditions to install our photovoltaic plant.”

Francisco Proença,
Costa Verde Industrial Director

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